We have received this message from Benji Taylor from Yorkshire MESMAC. Please take time to read it and help with their research if you can.

"I am community development worker from the Integrating Care for Trans Adults project at Yorkshire MESMAC. We are asking for you to support our project as we keep up the momentum we’ve built up during these difficult times. We believe that it is important to continue spreading word of the project because it is such a positive step for the transgender including non-binary communities. From this project we plan to take our responses to the NHS and convey to them where their patients stand on the quality of care they are given. This is a brilliant opportunity for trans people to help create change within the care systems they are a part of.

We want to have as complete a picture as possible, this can only be achieved by having responses from all over the trans community, this includes the older members. Not only have they had more experiences but they’ve also been able to see how the NHS has changed over the years which is something we are very interested in hearing. Older people are also more likely to have more varied or complex medical needs which means they have more interactions with the NHS, we want to know if being trans has affected their care. Not only this but statistically we all need to use the NHS more and more as we age, this is the same for trans people. So by making change now we can improve care for them in their life time.

This is also a trans/non-binary lead project which we believe is a vital and integral aspect of what makes the project important. This is the biggest project of its kind and it is unlikely to be repeated especially with such a strong trans presence behind it. We are a collaboration between community and academia; Yorkshire MESMAC, the Open University and the LGBT Foundation have come together to create this space for members of our community to evidence the ways health care needs to change but also to show where good practise is and how to emulate that.

It is so important not only to listen to trans people but also to have trans people as the listeners, there is so much empathy within this project because of the shared and similar life experiences. We are very much of the mind that there is ‘nothing about us without us’.

Please forward this information to anyone that you think would be able to participate.

For more info on the project http://business-school.open.ac.uk/research/projects/icta/description

For the survey http://www.thissurvey.com/ICTAWebsite

I also have a twitter (@benji_mesmac), we would be grateful if you could retweet some of the project tweets."