Former President Janett Scott has died

It is with great sadness that I report that our former President, Janett Scott, has died. Janett was a dominant figure in the Beaumont Society for many years and did a huge amount to support to support trans people, and endured a great deal of abuse as a result. We will post more information in due course. Our condolences go to her family and friends.


For those who would like to know more about Janett, here is a link to something she wrote in 2002 (updated in 2006).


  1. Kay West

    I was so saddened to hear this news I first met Janett in 1986, and we became good friends, Before and after she became president she proved to be a great ambassador for trans-people.
    I for one will miss her wonderful personality.
    Kay West

  2. Kay Holmes

    Sadly, I never met Janet, but I’ve heard an awful lot about her. I somehow managed to watch a documentary with her in recently. I have recently met many people who knew her and absolutely every person has told me how kind she was in every way. I do know that she did so much to help the trans community over the years. Very sad news.

  3. Eleanor Roberts

    I got to know Janett when she started the weekend breaks in Harrogate, fifteen years ago, and more so when I became an RO. She was a person of major importance to the trans community – her contribution cannot be over-emphasised. One of the UK pioneers who paved the way for the much greater social acceptance of the modern era. She was fearless. I’ll miss her, as we all will.

  4. Lesley F

    I’m so sorry to read this.
    Janett was a regular visitor to the Flamstead Group meetings. She always had words of kindness and encouragement. We are so lucky to have had a person with such courage and determination representing transgender people in our midst.
    She will be sadly missed.
    Condolences to her family.

  5. Lorraine Milford

    Janett’s Rotherham weekends were legendary; somehow, one felt safe with her at the helm. Janett was outspoken and would not stand any truck from those who breached her behaviour guidelines; she was very aware how fragile the Trans community’s presence was/is in the eyes of the public.

  6. Helen Jones

    Janett, once met never forgotten. Sadly lost touch during recent years, but I have many fond memories of open house at Chez Janett and dinner in the loft. Exec Committee meetings underpinned your drive and determination to support the membership and get the Society online back in the olden days.
    RIP and love and respect to Tammy, family and friends.

  7. Becky Essex

    I met Janett at the Harrogate weekends and also spent many hours with when I became ro for Essex at the exec committee meeting, sadly missed once met never forgotten xxx

  8. Sally

    I’ve just seen the note about Janett’s death. So sad, she was such a wonderful person as well as a pioneering figure.
    My deepest sympathy to Tammy and family.