Summer magazine is on its way.

All members who receive the Beaumont Magazine should receive their copy of the summer issue (No 110) very soon. I took them all to my local sorting office yesterday morning (2nd July). Actually, having packed them in their envelopes, stuck on the address labels and stamps on Tuesday afternoon and evening, I took them to my local sorting office on Wednesday morning only to find that because of service reductions (apparently due to Covid-19) the sorting office does not open on Wednesdays any more. So, sorry for the delay. It will also appear on this website early next week. Thanks to Eleanor for her hard work in editing it. I am sure you will find it is worth waiting for!


  1. Jane Hamlin Post author

    In case you haven’t spotted it yet, the Summer magazine is now available on this website. Just click on ‘Magazine Downloads’ to find it. You will see the wonderful Barbara Horner smiling at you from the front cover.

  2. Lynne Jones

    Hello, The latest magazine is really good !!
    Is there a process to get an article in the magazine, i would quite like to have an article in the members area, I have quite a story to tell, including my experience working at the World Trade Center in NY on 9/11 and my varied trans experiences

    Thank you

    Lynne xxx

  3. Jane Hamlin Post author

    Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for getting in touch. At the bottom of page 3, with the heading Submissions, Eleanor (the Editor) has explained how to get an article in the magazine. I am sure she will be delighted to hear from you.

    Jane x