Research into the lived experience of people who engage in Cross-Dressing

Iulian Chear is very grateful to all those who have helped with his research, but he now has enough participants. Thank you so much to all those who took part!

We have received this request from a doctoral student who would like the help of a few members of the Beaumont Society.

"My name is Iulian Chear and I am a doctoral student at NSPC/Middlesex University London in Counselling and Psychotherapy. As part of my doctoral research, I am conducting a study on the lived experience of people who engage in cross-dressing. I would be interested in interviewing (online) 5 participants who either identify as cross-dressers or who are involved in cross-dressing activities.
The study has received ethical approval from NSPC/Middlesex University London. I am happy to provide you with more details of my research, if necessary.

I would like to ask you if you could help me reach out to people who might be interested to participate in my research.
Here is a link for my recruitment ad:

I would gratefully appreciate any help.
All the best,
Iulian Chear
Existential Trainee Psychotherapist and Counsellor  |  Tel: 07848 169 371"


  1. Charlie Dorothy Smith

    Hi everyone. I had my interview session with Iulian today. He needs a few more volunteers for his research. He’s looking for people who engage in crossdressing, male to female and female to male and are not currently having hormone treatment or surgery. If you’re considering doing so, you should volunteer. His contact details are in the earlier posts. Nice guy.