How do you think that Gender Identity services should respond to the needs of trans people?

We have received this request from Emily Compton who is hoping that you might be able to help with the research she is conducting. Please help her if you can because this is a serious research project which they have planning for several months.

"My name is Emily Compton and I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Leicester. I am conducting research with my colleague Aimee Smith (Trainee Clinical Psychologist) exploring people’s attitudes towards how services should respond when someone wishes to transition gender. We are conducting interviews with people who identify as transgender or gender non-binary to explore this. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all interviews will take place remotely via Skype/Zoom. Participants will be given the opportunity to take part in a sorting task using an online program, where they will be asked to sort a set of statements into how much they agree and disagree with each.  The research has been granted ethical approval by the University of Leicester. If you would like to participate or would like further information regarding the research, please email us on or

I have attached an information sheet which provide further details about the study. Please email us if you need more information. Participant Information Sheet - Q-sort task 

Best wishes


Emily Compton (She/Her)"



  1. Jane Hamlin Post author

    Hi Kay and Dorothy,

    Thank you for responding to this request. I believe that is important we do participate in genuine academic research to ensure that the true voice of trans people is heard. I am much more cautious with journalists or vague requests for participants in surveys.
    Jane x

  2. Dorothy Smith

    Hi Jane it’s only my opinion but I think every enquiry from a journalist should be seen as an opportunity to get the word out there about trans people