The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop is an award-winning BBC series featuring a team of Britain's most skilled and caring craftspeople, who rescue and resurrect items their owners’ thought were beyond saving.

 Currently, ‘The Repair Shop’ is reaching out to a wide range of communities for our upcoming series. We’re eager to find individuals with beloved and treasured items that may have been damaged or just gotten a bit old over time and would want that item restored.

 The item doesn’t have to be an antique or expensive heirloom, just something that is special to the owner and has a heartfelt story behind it.

 In previous series we’ve fixed a whole host of items, traditional instruments, garments, books, crockery and more. So we’d love to hear from you about your amazing items in need of some TLC. If you would like the Repair Shop team to take a look at your damaged heirloom, prized antique or loved one's possession, please get in touch by visiting part, or phone: 07810 455119, email:

The producer has been in touch with the Beaumont Society because they want a more diverse range of participants than they have had in the past.