Occupational Therapy Students Seeking Help

We are two BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy students from York St John University in our third year and are completing research as part of our studies. We are being supervised by Dr Hannah Spring, Senior Lecturer in the School of Science, Technology at the University. Our research project has been approved by the 3OT610 module Ethics committee at York St John University, approval ID Holmes_Bell_Spring_16.10.2020.

Occupational therapists work with people to help them participate in things that are meaningful to them in everyday life after injury, illness and life changing experiences.  This research aims to investigate the experiences of people who identify as trans and how occupational therapy can support them. We are looking to recruit people who identify as trans to take part in one to one, private interviews. People’s contributions will be anonymised in our assignments and any potential professional articles or presentations that arise from this research. We hope that this research will be beneficial to healthcare professionals and to the trans community.

If you would be interested in helping us and having your voice heard, would you assist us, please? We hope that this research can have a positive impact for the trans community and will be an accurate portrayal of what it is to be, and means to be trans for the wider populace.

If you have any further questions please ask.

We look forward to hearing from you and many thanks for your time.

Laurie Holmes/ Victoria Bell.

laurie.holmes1@yorksj.ac.uk and victoria.bell@yorksj.ac.uk



  1. Kay Holmes

    Hi Jane,
    I’ve just sent a message (with Jan’s assistance) offering to help. Hope they receive it as Jan had to do a bit of her magic to get it to work. Hope all’s well, Kay xx

  2. Eleanor Roberts

    I’m beginning to think we should ask for access to short summaries of research findings in exchange for publicising the requests from students. That way we would get some interesting material to include in the magazine or on the website. What do others think?

  3. Dorothy Smith

    Eleanor, yes I think it’s a great idea to ask for short summaries of research findings which you can write stories about in the magazine, in return for publicising these people ‘s requests for help with research. You could end up with some really great stories xx

  4. Sophie Scarfe

    Yes! I Fair enought to get something back. I decided to do an interview with one of these women and I have no idea how it will be used, I know that that will be ethical, because there are rules governing this sort of University research, but it is nice to get something back to read.
    I suppose that by accepting this and other interviews I am trying to find out about myself at the same time, like a free therapy session, either that or it is an extended bout of navel-gazing on my part.

  5. Dorothy Smith

    Hi Sophie, I do like your comment about accepting interviews because you find out about yourself! My beloved parents were wartime generation and instilled into me a disapproval of self contemplation. That has put me off seeking help until now.
    Even though I’m having therapy and it’s really helping me deal with things, their conditioning is still active in my mind.
    So I look upon paid for therapy and other support groups (not the Beaumont of course) with an element of suspicion and smile to myself with recognition when you say:
    “I suppose … these interviews… (are) like a free therapy session… or an extended bout of navel gazing on my part.” To me, this self deprecation is a virtue and goes with showing grit and resilience. I hear my mother saying Winston Churchill would be proud of you!