Winter magazine on its way

I spent nearly all of Tuesday putting magazines into envelopes, sticking on stamps and address labels and then took them to the sorting office in Taunton. I was greeted with a gruff, "You're too late. The lorry's gone." (It was about 7pm) Fortunately he soon warmed and was most helpful, though the magazines would have stayed there until Wednesday morning. I heard on the radio this morning that Royal Mail is slower this year than usual at Christmas, so I don't know when you will get yours, but I hope you won't have to wait too long. As always, it is worth waiting for.


  1. Lynne Jones

    Argggh, Typical trials and tribulations Jane. But at least he warmed to you in the end. I have a friend who works for the Royal Mail in Leeds, he’s told me they are all flat out and the volume of mail this year has gone crazy !

    Lynne xxx

    1. Kay Holmes

      My mate also works for thed GPO and tells a similar tale. Sadly, everywhere seems to be run with the minimum amount of staff required… then something happens and things go belly up. Can’t wait for the new mag… the last few have been exceptionally good. xxx

      1. Lynne Jones

        Yes Kay, the Magazine is always a really good read. I hope Auntie Kay is giving good advice? 🙂 Plus I’ve got an article in there this month about Diversity and Inclusion, I ll be a female journalist yet !!

        Love Lynne xxx