Badminton England would like your input on diversity and inclusion

We have received this email from Holly Robson, the Relationship Manager at Badminton England. We had a very interesting Beaumont Zoom Conference about Diversity and Inclusion recently. If this request interests you, please participate in the consultation:

I’m Holly Robson, one of the Relationship Managers for Badminton England, working with a focus on inclusion within our sport.

I’m reaching out to share a piece of work that Badminton England are currently undertaking and would love for you to get involved.

As part of Badminton England’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative, we are hoping to understand the perceptions, opinions, and experiences of people outside of our badminton community from typically under-represented groups in sport: women and girls; disabled people; the LGBTQ+ community; people from diverse ethnic communities; and people with mental health problems.

We want to ensure that we reach as many people as possible and, as an organisation that provides support for the transgender community, we would be grateful for any support you might be able to offer in sharing our diversity and inclusion consultation. Please click here: Diversity & Inclusion Consultation.

Anybody can complete the consultation and we’re hoping to share it far and wide to get maximum engagement amongst those under-represented groups to improve the accessibility of our sport.

Kind regards,



  1. Jane Hamlin Post author

    Hi Kay and Lynne,
    Thank you for responding. If you click on the words “Diversity and Inclusion Consultation” it should take you to the consultation questions.

  2. Jane Hamlin Post author

    Holly Robson has been in touch to ask that if you haven’t responded yet, could you do so before 19th March, please? Your help is much appreciated.