Would you be prepared to help this student with her project?

We have received a request from Izzy Harbisher who is a student in her third and final year at the University of York studying film and television production. For her final year project she is creating a proposal for a documentary, but will not actually be making the documentary. Izzy uses the pronouns They and Them for herself.

"For my project, I am conducting personal interviews with members of the trans, non binary, gender non conforming community who are over 40. This is to emphasise that out community is not a 'new' idea. We have always been present, but not necessarily seen.

The interviews will be intimate.They will contain two zoom calls with myself and the contributor discussing their identity, their life and childhood. As well as their hopes for the future. These will be recorded but will not be shared other than with the university. So from these interviews, I write up the proposal and produce a taster tape (just a 1 minute clip of the different interviews edited). This is to give my markers the visual idea of the proposal. But it will not be published anywhere else."

Izzy has shown me the ethics forms and information sheets (which are standard for research of this kind) that each contributor gets. These show that Izzy's research will conform with correct and ethical conduct.

If you think you can help Izzy, or would like more information you can contact her by email: ih731@york.ac.uk



  1. Dorothy Smith

    Hi Jane, I’ve just sent her an email. Not being judgemental, but I think we need to let these trendy younger Trans Nonbinary whippersnappers know they aren’t the only Gender Queers in the village! Dorothy xxx

  2. Dorothy Smith

    I spoke to Izzy yesterday. As Sophie says, she was pleasant and easy to talk to. The reason these students want to talk to us is that there are loads of young trans nonbinary people out there now and it’s trendy, but there aren’t that many older ones.
    Izzy picked up on the fact that us lot here are somewhere in between Captain Tom’s stiff upper lip and today’s generation letting it all out on social media. We’ve had to bottle up so much.
    Read the other posts and email Izzy.
    Dorothy xx