Participants wanted to discuss Experiences and Perceptions of loan applications

We have received a request from a PhD student at Nottingham University who is recruiting participants for her study which will involve a 45 minute online interview and follow-up survey.

"My PhD is investigating how technologies to protect individual’s privacy in automated decision for loan applications impact people. Within the scope of this broad topic I am interested in personal experiences of loan applications in regard to trust, fairness and decision making.

This study aims to understand how people feel about loan applications, data sharing in this context, and how well they understand the decision process behind these decisions.

We will be focusing on personal loans in particular. Participants will not have to disclose specific information about the loan they applied for (in regards to monetary value for example) but are invited to reflect on their experiences.

I am looking to recruit people who are, over the age of 18 who  have applied for a loan in the UK, areas proficient in English and  able to provide consent to their participation.

Participation in the study will be compensated with a £15 online shopping voucher."

If you can help, or would like more information,