We have a Fashion student in need of your help

Good afternoon Beaumont Society members, 

My name is Eduardo Gil, I´m reaching you as a third-year Fashion Buying and Management student at the University of West London. Currently, I´m working on my final project in which the theme is about; The lack of fashionable and wider & larger sizes within the footwear market and the physical and mental consequences it has for transwoman and non-binary people.  
I´m contacting you guys because I believe your point of view on this research will provide rich and valuable information as out there´s a lack of academic data regarding this topic. Because of this, I´d like to contact with anyone – age ranged by University guidelines between 20-60 – that would like to express their opinion on this confidential questionary. 
Through a survey with 14 open-ended questions – which shouldn´t take more than 8-10 minutes – the participants will provide honest and true opinions on the topics mentioned below, helping me in this way to develop my research. 
  • Self-identification / Demographics / Foot size. 
  • Understanding the importance of Fashion within the different self-identification processes.  
  • Size inclusion strategies focused on apparel.
  • The lack of support from high-street retailers in providing a wide range of sizes. 
  • Understanding mental health issues in relation to the lack of fashion and footwear choices. 
  • Physical issues when not wearing your size. 
  • Transwoman & Non-binary shopping interests towards sustainability.
The data collected will be confidential and managed in a secure and responsible manner to protect participants personal information following ethical data principles and GDPR & University guidelines. In addition, the information acquired will be eliminated after the research has been presented to the academic court and course leaders.  
As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I´ve developed a big part of my University assignments about both communities and I take this project as the culmination of those. 
Please, feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I hope you guys would like to participate, it´d be much appreciated it 
In case you would like, I attached the link to have access to the Gmail survey.
Eduardo Gil Martín 21371776 Level 6 - UWL Major Negotiated Project BA Fashion Buying and Management Course leader: Heather Dupay
Eduardo Gil Martín
UWL – BA Fashion Buying and Management 

Course Leader: Heather Dupay


  1. Dorothy Smith

    Jane, i love this person! One of his points is understanding mental health issues related to the lack of suitable footwear! Wonderful. I shall tell my therapist xx

  2. Andee Lawrence

    Larger shoe sizes are available on Ebay with wider fitting if you search for them, in UK and EU sizes from sellers sympathetic to the need for them. Obviously a business opportunity for them filling a gap in the market.
    Sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch but I am new here so just wanted put it out there!