Two petitions that seek to protect trans people in the UK

We have received this information from the LGBTIQA+ Greens, which is a sub-group of the Green Party. Whether or not you support the aims of the Green Party you might wish to support one or both of the two petitions they have designed.

  • Protect Innocent People’s Identity -  This petition refers to the Government proposal that any changes of name Deed Polls should be enrolled through the Royal Courts of Justice. If this goes ahead, it could have disastrous consequences for many trans people, and the Beaumont Society Executive Committee is very concerned about these consequences. Click on the link for more details.
  • Stop the Attack on Trans Healthcare Now: Free, Fair and Timely Access to Trans Healthcare for Trans Youth -  This petition is in response to the ruling in the High Court about young people and the services provided by the Portman and Tavistock NHS Trust's Gender Identity Development Service. Again by clicking on the link you can read more details. Clicking on these links does not mean that you are signing these petitions - or even agreeing with them. Though, if you do wish to sign them, you will then be able to.

Once they have received enough signatures on each petition they will present them to the relevant organisations and Government departments.

If you have any questions regarding these two crucial campaigns then please do not hesitate to contact them:



  1. Anna Sweetham

    The first of the petitions listed above was closed on 22nd January this year. But there must be other ways of doing things (or other issues?) Such as people or families in witness protection schemes, assuming name changes are part of what’s done?

    As to the second petition, I think this is a difficult and emotive subject. I certainly don’t see any difficulty in signing the petition myself, but there seems to be a legal question about the age where one can be considered legally responsible, especially in the event that the person concerned does not have the support of their carers. I see another instance where such ‘adult’ concerns as the voting age in the UK may need to be re-examined, along with numerous other rulings which set out what can and can’t be done by children, as distinct from adults. So, of course the issue discussed here attracts attention, but how might this impact (if at all, I don’t claim much knowledge of how childhood and adulthood are legally defined or policed now, and it may be better to let healthcare professionals adopt a pragmatic approach to treatment of young individuals (as long as their authority to do so is established, thus sparing doctors involved in this area of medicine from finding themselves in an invidious position).

  2. Eleanor Roberts

    Me too. We need to react strongly against this constant drip-drip of anti-trans moves, all a result of the constant propaganda that some parts of the media put out.