Trans and non-binary peoples’ experiences of violence and abuse

We have received this request from a student doing a Masters Degree. Do you know anyone who might be able to help her either by being a participant or by helping her to focus her research?
"My name is Erica (she/her). I am currently completing a master’s in domestic violence and sexual abuse at Goldsmiths university in London. I am reaching out to see whether you would be able to share this information within the community to see whether anyone would be interested in participating in a research project that I am doing.
I have decided to dedicate my thesis to the trans community as research is severely lacking compared to that for cisgender individuals, which has a direct effect on funding, services and policies etc. This is something that I feel needs to be remedied as I’m sure you agree. My research topic is therefore focused on exploring 'barriers to help-seeking for trans/non-binary victims and survivors of sexual abuse'. I am a survivor of both domestic violence and sexual abuse myself, however I recognise that the barriers I’ve faced as a cisgender woman are much more complex for non-cisgender individuals. This is my reasoning for wanting to investigate and shed light on this area, in the hopes of contributing towards helping to mitigate these barriers for the trans community in the future.
One of my research aims is to also amplify the voices of trans/non-binary individuals, with trans voices really at the forefront of the research, and by allowing the findings to be focused on and evolve from there. I am therefore looking for a number of individuals who would feel comfortable and happy participating, which involves being interviewed one-on-one by me. The interview would last around an hour of time and take place sometime June / July. Participants do not need to be a survivor themselves but do need to identify as non-cisgender. All names will be kept anonymous within the research of course.
Finally, if you or anyone else also has any insight into what would be best to ask during the interview process and what to make sure to include, that would be extremely helpful as well. Any guidance regarding this and any help possible would be most appreciated as I want to ensure that I ask everything that will provide the most illuminating answers and insight into this complex but deserving issue.
It is my hope that this research will be extremely useful within the field and most of all for the trans community, with especially helping trans/non-binary victims and survivors. I would therefore be so grateful if you or anyone you know would like to participate in this. Please contact me by email if interested (, and let me know if I can also provide you with any more information at this time if you would first like to know more.
I look forward to hearing from you.
With warm regards,

Erica Hands