Using the NHS. Can you help Dorothy with her project, please?

Please can you help me with a project I'm involved with?

I’m looking for people who are happy to spend 30-45 minutes on the phone or Zoom answering some questions about their experience as NHS patients.

I'm particularly interested in people's experiences of NHS gender identity clinics and other gender-related NHS experience. I'm also interested in people's non-gender related experience.

To explain, as you know, there’s talk of the NHS being privatised. I’m one of a team of volunteers working on a project on the NHS with the 99% organisation. As part of that, we’re collecting interviews with patients about their experiences of the NHS and ideas about what can be changed.

Here’s a link to the 99% website.

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Thank you,

Dorothy Smith

If you would like to participate please email Dorothy at:



  1. Dorothy Smith

    Hello Beaumont people, please can I have some volunteers to interview about your NHS experiences? This is for a good cause. Please see the news section and email me. Dorothy xxx

    1. Kay Holmes

      Hi Dorothy… I have no trans related experience of the NHS, but I’m really concerned about the privatisation of the NHS through the back door. If you think I can help, I’d be more than happy to. xxx

      1. Dorothy Smith

        Kay, thanks for replying, you’ve given me a chance to flag what I’m looking for.

        I’m looking for people with experience of the NHS as patients – either gender identity related, as this is the Beaumont or otherwise – to answer our questions about your experience and share some thoughts about how the NHS is run now and how it might be changed.

        I hope people in the Beaumont want to do that. If you do, please email me at and I’ll send you the questions.

        Cheers for now.
        Dorothy xxx

  2. Dorothy Smith

    Thanks Kay, I’ve just sent you the questions. Email me back and let’s fix a time. Dorothy xxx Hope lots more people with NHS patient experience – gender related or otherwise – respond