Breast Cancer Screening

I am a doctor from Imperial College, emailing regarding an opportunity I would be grateful if you could share with your members, please. Our group are working with NHS England to break down the barriers to breast cancer screening.
Breast cancer screening, which involves going for a scan called a mammogram, can help detect breast cancer at an early stage where it is more easily treated. However, the numbers of people that attend these appointments are falling.
We are working to develop new tools to overcome some of the challenges faced by groups who are often under-represented, including transwomen, transmen, and non-binary people, who can all be affected by breast cancer
We are offering an opportunity for people from these groups to give their opinions and experiences and help us improve screening by attending a workshop on Wednesday 1st of December with clinicians and healthcare designers.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact me, or register your interest at the following link:
We will financially reimburse participants for their time.
Many thanks