Two petitions that seek to protect trans people in the UK

We have received this information from the LGBTIQA+ Greens, which is a sub-group of the Green Party. Whether or not you support the aims of the Green Party you might wish to support one or both of the two petitions they have designed. Protect Innocent People’s Identity –  This petition refers to the Government […]

A student is researching autistic gender-diverse people. Can you help?

Dear Beaumont Society, My name is Laura and I am a medical student doing a Bachelors in Primary Care Research and Clinical Practice at UCL (University College London). I am doing a research project which explores the experiences of autistic, gender-diverse people within healthcare. This study aims to understand how being autistic and gender-diverse may […]

Research into drivers of job satisfaction in non-binary and transgender employees

Lucy Iremonger is researching drivers of job satisfaction in non-binary and transgender employees for her Masters in Occupational Psychology at Leicester University alongside her job as a consultant in Diversity and Inclusion. Her research is interview-based, confidential and can be done over the phone or on Zoom. The purpose of her research is to give […]

Participants wanted to discuss Experiences and Perceptions of loan applications

We have received a request from a PhD student at Nottingham University who is recruiting participants for her study which will involve a 45 minute online interview and follow-up survey. “My PhD is investigating how technologies to protect individual’s privacy in automated decision for loan applications impact people. Within the scope of this broad topic […]