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Types of Member

Full member - A member of the society with the right to attend executive meetings, vote at the AGM and receive full access to the members area of the website. Depending on their preference, full members receive correspondence (such as the magazine) and vote electronically or by post.

Honorary member – An individual, not necessarily a previous member of the society, who has greatly contributed to the purposes or aims of the society. Honorary members of the society are created at the discretion of the executive committee.

Affiliate – An individual or organisation who has no voting rights or opportunity to attend either the AGM or executive meeting. Such individuals do not have access to the members area of the website, but are eligible to receive the magazine by email or post, depending on their preference

Membership of the society enables us to represent the transgender community at a national and regional level. We educate, promote a positive image and advocate for acceptance of all the transgender spectrum. The transgender community has become much more accepted by society since we were first formed, but there are still many challenges that face us and only by working together can we continue to improve our image and acceptance by the wider community in which we live.